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Promote Effective Communication For Your Business Using WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp to streamline processes and enable sales and service teams to handle queries professionally and engage with customers personally.

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Experience & Expertise

We’re passionate about using technology to develop smart communication strategies that enable businesses, customers and clients to seamlessly engage with each other. The founders of Stitch combine 35 years’ experience in running sales and customer service teams and have the expertise required to create impactful solutions that deliver.

Our Approach

We are committed to designing solutions combining products that we genuinely believe our clients need, and whilst no two businesses are the same, we always take the same approach to ensure all bases are covered.

Current Challenges We Collectively Face

Customers no longer use just phone or email to communicate – they use a range of messaging platforms and expect to be able to converse with companies in the same way they do in their personal lives.

Issues arise when:
Overcoming Obstacles

Our solutions break down the barriers that prevent effective, effortless communication and instead create strategies that promote secure, easy and meaningful engagement between colleagues, companies and customers.

Use case by Industry

Use case by Role

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