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Enhance communication with WhatsApp for Business

Stitch is a provider of WhatsApp for Business Solutions, enabling brands & teams to connect with consumers over WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in over 100 countries with 2 billion active users

Shared Team Inboxes with WhatsApp for Business​

We deliver fully managed, GDPR compliant & centralised WhatsApp messaging solutions and do things in WhatsApp you never thought were possible!


Connecting to the WhatsApp API messaging ecosystem.

Enabling customers to initiate messaging chats via websites, forms, social media & QR codes.‏‏‎‎‏‏‎‎‎‏

Easily managing communications at scale


Shared messaging inboxes for team visibility.

Permission-based access to work communications with ability to assign to individuals & teams and tag for broadcast marketing.

Media rich to send & receive documents, images, URL's & videos


Combining the latest products to create the most effective, innovative solutions.

Recognising new trends and understanding the evolution of customer preferences.

Using technology to tackle the challenges that new ways of working present.


Integrating into existing systems and streamline processes.

Recording WhatsApp messages directly into CRM systems for wider visibility.

Professionally handling unanswered calls to reduce call abandonment.


Pre-qualify enquiries using bots.

Capturing leads and routing to the relevant team for rapid handling.Sustaining a presence and high level of customer service out of hours.

Real time response in WhatsApp to 3rd party portal email leads

A Different World, A Different Way Of Working

The current climate, combined with continuous advances in technology, has prompted new and exciting ways of working and conversing. Employees and consumers demand greater choice and the ability to communicate in a way that is fast, familiar and meaningful through popular platforms like WhatsApp.  

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"56% of consumers would choose to buy from a brand that offers WhatsApp as an official communication channel than one that doesn’t."

"The average WhatsApp user opens WhatsApp 23 times per day."

Inspired By Innovation

A mobile-first approach can literally transform a business and we are passionate about helping our clients realise their own potential through powerful solutions. We are committed to continually searching for the most innovative products to keep up with trends and ensure our clients stay ahead of the game.

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Empowering Teams

Supporting employees to communicate across multiple platforms provides them with the tools for productive collaboration and the ability to deliver enhanced customer service. Meanwhile, our solutions provide management with visibility, reporting capabilities and the assurance of security and compliance.

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"97% of your competitors that use WhatsApp are doing so by breaching GDPR & WhatsApp terms."

"75% of callers hang up at voicemail."

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Increasingly, consumers are demanding companies to be more accessible, more present and more personal. Our solutions focus on utilising smart technology and artificial intelligence to automate processes where possible, enabling employees to do what they do best – providing the personal touch.

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Successful Strategies Designed To Maximise Performance

By taking the time to understand a client’s existing set-up, processes, work culture and current challenges, we are able to design a bespoke communication strategy to maximise their success and fit their requirements, capabilities and budgets.

Our WhatsApp solutions support our clients to:

  • Engage rapidly and favourably with customers​
  • Attract clients by offering choice and greater presence
  • Streamline processes and avoid human errors through integration
  • Accelerate communications with automation
  • Ensure compliant use of popular channels (WhatsApp)
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary hardware
  • Gain visibility of all communications and view reports and analytics
  • Provide teams with the tools to deliver exceptional customer service
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