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Portal Lead Management & Call Handling Services

For Estate & Lettings Agents - we deliver qualified leads from portal emails and inbound phone traffic to your team

Reduce Front End Costs & Improve CX

We deliver a fully managed, GDPR compliant & centralised solution

Call Handling

Tailored customer journeys for Sales, Lettings & Property Maintenance

We handle the call to deliver the required smart form or a bespoke link, such as Fixflo, for excellent customer service

Real time delivery in WhatsApp

Never miss a call from a lead again - works 24/7 365 days a year

WhatsApp Responder

We autoreply to every email enquiry you receive from the portals

Instant response in WhatsApp with a bespoke message and the link to the smart form of your choice

We only deliver fully qualified leads into your team

96% read rates in WhatsApp

Web Widget

Field website enquiries using the WhatsApp Virtual Assistant

Route Sales, Lettings & Property Maintenance within WhatsApp

Responds with the correct smart form or link without any human interaction

Add a Branch WhatsApp Inbox to be able to reply and reach out to Sales Leads and Valuations

Smart Forms

Fully branded suite of forms for Sales, Lettings & Property Maintenance

Key qualification questions asked

We give your team their time back by working alongside them

Completed forms are emailed to your team in real time and daily summary reports issued

"By responding to all leads in WhatsApp we are where our enquiries live ensuring excellent customer service and incredible time saving"

Why use Agent Assist?

Give your team their time back to work on your business
Improved customer service as every lead is engaged
Capture all required qualifying question responses up front every time
Pre qualified leads only need to be contacted by your team with them knowing they are a serious lead
Lead engagement 24/7 365 days a year
Personalised & branded forms, WhatsApp message responses and phone greetings
Upgrade to a Branch WhatsApp Inbox for sales and valuation reach out
Fully onboarded packages with minimal input required
Reduce enquiry cost per lead and save on your running costs
Customers can start chats directly from your website and have their enquiries dealt with immediately
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Improved CX

We work in the background to help your team even when you are closed

Improved efficiency

Staff save time by only focusing on qualified leads

Every lead engaged

Each lead shall be taken on your selected customer journey

Integrations available off the shelf - plug & play!

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Amazing product, game changer!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this product, it’s a must. The team can’t be more helpful, the support is spot-on, even for those stupid questions. Keep it up team.

Richard Hogben

Spencer Harvey

Fantastic platform - changing how we do business!

The WhatsApp service we now operate saves my staff more time in a month than what it costs me in a year.

Adam Bass


We’ve been working with Stitch for a while now. The clients and staff are certainly loving it, its quick, easy and helps manage the incoming workflow.

They are always looking to evolve the product which is great!

Perry Rose

Gilbert & Rose

The onboarding  process was very smooth.

We are seeing much better engagement rates than we did previously with text and email and are extremely happy with the results.

Niraj Shah

Oyster Properties

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