5 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp To Communicate With Your Customers

October 16, 2020

In today’s fast paced world, customers want to connect with businesses faster, easier, and on their terms. Customers prefer to buy from companies that provide real-time sales support and customer service, and the evidence proves it.

  • The eDigital Customer Service Benchmark Survey found real-time customer service had the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73% compared to email (61%) and phone (44%).
  • 90% of customers questioned by Oracle in a consumer research study said they feel confident they can get help when they need it if businesses offer live support.
  • A study by Nielsen revealed 56% of consumers would rather message customer service than speak over the phone.
  • Real-time customer communications can drive 3x to 5x more conversions than any other method.

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There are a wide range of software platforms and apps available to help businesses offer this to customers, and for a while live chat options were gaining popularity. But the tables are turning, and WhatsApp is the number one choice for real-time customer communications that your Sales and Customer Services team need in their toolkit. Here’s why:

1. WhatsApp Has Unrivalled Reach.

WhatsApp has revolutionised how people communicate. With over 2 billion users worldwide and over 60 billion messages sent every day, it’s the world’s leading instant messaging app, literally. WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in over 104 countries. So, whether you have a local customer base or international reach, it’s the platform you need to be using.

2. People Trust What They Know.

Today, more than ever, consumers are switched on when it comes to data protection and digital footprints. WhatsApp is a globally recognised brand with end-to-end encryption, and it comes installed as standard on many of today’s smart devices. Therefore, customers are already familiar with the platform and they trust it. Instead of implementing your own live chat feature on your website that is unfamiliar to customers, make it easy for them to reach out to you by using a platform that is already at their fingertips.

3. Conversational Communications & Increased Conversions.

With most live chat platforms, when the customer has finished with the interaction and the live chat box closes, that’s it. The communication is over. With WhatsApp, the conversation can continue long after the initial enquiry has been dealt with or the customer problem has been solved. This helps to promote customer loyalty, feedback, identification of pain points, continuity of conversations, and has a proven uplift on conversion rates and repeat custom. As a bonus, if your customer opts in, they can also receive direct marketing straight to their WhatsApp.

All the above is reason enough to use WhatsApp, but if you need another one – live chat options are typically one-way methods of communicating in that the customer must initiate it. With WhatsApp, you can initiate conversations with customers, but you can also send useful push notifications, such as appointment reminders, shipping and delivery alerts, payment notifications, boarding passes, and more.

4. Modern Communication For A Modern World.

If your business still relies on a customer service telephone support line and email enquiries, you really need to reconsider your customer communication strategy. Businesses need to communicate with customers in a modern way that is reflective of how customers, as people, communicate with each other. This is especially important if your target market are millennials or younger. Businesses need to innovate to stay relevant, and this includes in how they communicate, manage the sales process, and provide customer support.

5. Data Makes The World Go Round.

For companies today, data makes all the difference. It helps businesses to make informed decisions, it influences strategy and tactics, and it drives increased turnover and profitability. Stitch can help you set up your business WhatsApp to have shared inboxes for multiple employees to use, customer communications can be linked to your CRM system, communications can be more easily trended and analysed to look for recurring pain points, and continuity of communication can be maintained in the event that an employee decides to leave your business.

With Salesforce reporting in their third edition of the State of Service Report that 82% of customer service decision makers think they need to transform the way they do things to stay competitive – the key question is – how are businesses going to transform their communication methods to stay ahead of the competition?

Customers want easy, hassle free, and instant sales support and customer service. The simplest thing you can do as a business, is give it to them.

Stitch take the pain and hassle out of WhatsApp Business set up, allowing your Sales and Customer Service teams to keep doing what they do best – making sales and looking after your customers.

Stitch allows you to communicate with your customers safely, in compliance with GDPR, and ensures that the precious interactions and conversations had with your customers remain visible to the business, even if an employee leaves the company.

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