Are you an Estate Agent using Reapit AgencyCloud? GDPR Compliant WhatsApp integration is here!

February 27, 2023

Communication is essential in the fast-paced real estate market of today. Estate Agents must remain in touch with their clients and promptly address any questions or concerns they may have. Many Estate Agents are already using WhatsApp to interact with their customers as messaging apps like WhatsApp gain popularity with consumers, as they have realised that that the open and read rates are 7 times that of email. These discussions are generally blind to the business and can therefore be both time-consuming and ineffective. The WhatsApp API has therefore been designed for this type of situation. This is the only version of WhatsApp that allows you to truly integrate, automate and collaborate leaving WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business behind for true business use for businesses employing more than 3 staff.

With the help of the Stitch (an official WhatsApp Business ISV Partner), Estate Agents can easily record and manage client interactions by integrating WhatsApp messaging with Reapit AgencyCloud. In this blog, we'll discuss how crucial it is to integrate Reapit AgencyCloud with WhatsApp and the main benefits it can deliver.


Increased Client Satisfaction

The landlord, vendor, applicant and tenant experience can be enhanced in a number of ways by capturing WhatsApp conversations within Reapit AgencyCloud. First of all, it gives Estate Agents a central location for all client communications, making it simpler for them to keep track of client interactions and quickly react to them. Because customers feel like their questions and concerns are being promptly handled, this can help to increase client satisfaction and loyalty.


Secondly, Agents can give customers a more tailored experience by incorporating WhatsApp messaging into Reapit AgencyCloud. Client information, such as preferences and requirements for properties, can be collected and stored, which can then be used to customise communications and offer personalised property suggestions. This can improve customer retention by fostering stronger connections with customers.


Greater Productivity

Efficiency can be increased because Estate agents can conserve time and resources by automating the process of recording and managing client interactions rather than doing so manually, or in most cases, not at all.

Additionally, Reapit AgencyCloud integration with WhatsApp messaging can help Estate Agents automate responses to commonly asked questions and give clients quick answers to typical client questions. This may shorten response times and enhance the client experience generally.

Lead Generation, Marketing & Ease of Communications

For any agent who has elected to go down the route of a WhatsApp API solution for their branch, they can now start contemplating a number of new concepts. Let’s explore them:

  • Enable customers to start a WhatsApp chat from your website
  • Automate a response to their leads (Rightmove, Zoopla, ValPal etc) in WhatsApp
  • Turn waiting calls on their landline numbers into WhatsApp chats (rather than paying a 3rd party call answering service)
  • Use bots to ask questions, capture responses and assign to correct person/team within the branch
  • By enabling chats to start from the above scenarios, the branch can be sure that every new contact, every chat is captured in Reapit Agency Cloud.

That of course, plus, this offers the customer the most convenient form of communication, rather than being forced to use their personal email accounts, which are secondary to today’s consumer.

Better Insights and Analytics

This powerful integration can also give you useful information about your clients. Estate Agents can better their services and communication by identifying common themes, issues, and feedback from customer conversations.


Additionally, the integration can give Estate Agents access to insightful analytics on customer engagement and reaction rates. The efficacy of marketing campaigns can be increased and communication strategies can be optimised using this data.


Security of Documents and Compliance

Reapit AgencyCloud and WhatsApp integration can also guarantee data protection and compliance. End-to-end encryption is a feature that ensures that communications are safe and can only be read by the intended recipient. As a result, clients' confidence can be preserved while sensitive client information is protected.


Estate Agents can also better adhere to data security laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Estate agents can make sure they are adhering to data protection laws and safeguarding client privacy by recording and managing client interactions within a secure CRM system.

If your team are currently using WhatsApp Business (on work, or personal phones), then any agent with a desire adhere to GDPR policies, should have concerns on how and where this data is processed. Furthermore, should a customer ask for their details to be removed an agents system, then how would the agent carry out this customer request when they have no centralised control over WhatsApp Business, or the mobile device itself.

Key Platform Features

The integration provides the following features:

  • Automatically populate the activity field of existing contacts with chats that are happening in WhatsApp
  • Auto-create new contacts in Reapit Agency Cloud when a chat is started from your website, missed or waiting landline phone calls, applicants from portal leads, valuation leads or your team



Integrating WhatsApp messages into Reapit AgencyCloud is essential for enhancing customer satisfaction, boosting productivity, gaining insights, and ensuring data security and compliance. Estate agents can give customers a more customised and effective experience and they can also learn a lot about the preferences and behaviour of their clients. Additionally, it can assist agents in adhering to data security laws and safeguarding confidential client information. In general, Estate Agents seeking to streamline client communication and strengthen client relationships should consider using this integration.


Stitch are providers of WhatsApp solutions built around the WhatsApp API and they are integrated with Reapit AgencyCloud.  

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