How to create a QR Code using a WhatsApp URL

August 10, 2023

In today's blog we show you how to create a QR code using your WhatsApp URL and discuss the benefits this will bring to your marketing toolkit.

How to Create a QR Code with Your WhatsApp URL

  1. Creating your WhatsApp URL: Start with the base URL followed by your complete phone number (including the country code but without '+' or '0'). So, if your number is +1234567890, your URL would be
  2. Go to a QR Code Generator: Websites like are free platforms where you can create QR codes.
  3. Input Your WhatsApp URL: Once on the platform, paste your WhatsApp URL.
  4. Customise Your QR Code: Add a WhatsApp logo to alert a potential customer to the simplicity of scanning the QR cide.
  5. Download & Print: Download the QR code in the desired resolution to integrate it into your digital media.

Why Integrate QR Codes with WhatsApp for Marketing?

  1. Bridging Offline and Online Worlds: QR codes are a physical gateway to the digital realm. Placing them on flyers, posters or shop windows can lead potential customers directly to a WhatsApp chat, combining traditional advertising with digital engagement.
  2. Instant Communication: By scanning the QR code customers can immediately initiate a conversation. This reduces barriers to communication as customers no longer need to manually input contact details.
  3. Cost-effective: Creating QR codes is usually free or very affordable making them an excellent tool for businesses..
  4. Boost Engagement at Events: At conferences, workshops or trade shows, QR codes can be integrated into badges, banners or brochures allowing attendees to immediately connect with your brand on WhatsApp.
  5. Enhanced Customer Data Collection: You can integrate your WhatsApp chat with CRM tools. When a customer initiates a chat through a QR code you can gather insights about which offline advertisements are most effective based on where you placed different QR codes.
  6. Promotions & Discounts: Use the QR code to lead customers to a chat where they get exclusive deals or promotional messages. It creates an incentive for scanning the code, and once they're on WhatsApp, you've already bridged the first communication gap.
  7. Interactive Product Labels: For businesses selling physical products QR codes on packaging can lead customers to product tutorials, customer service chats or feedback forms.
  8. Easy Updates: One of the beauties of digital marketing is the ability to swiftly pivot. If your business changes its number or you want the QR code to lead to different departments just create a new QR code. The backend content can change without needing to alter the physical advertisement.
  9. Trackable Performance Metrics: By analysing the number of chats initiated from QR scans businesses can gain tangible data on campaign effectiveness and adjust their strategies accordingly.

In Conclusion

The beauty of combining QR codes with WhatsApp URLs lies in the marriage of the tangible and the digital, the old and the new. It reflects a holistic understanding of the customer journey ensuring every touchpoint is an opportunity for engagement. For businesses it’s a strategy that’s efficient, cost-effective and deeply interactive making it a must have in the modern marketer's arsenal.

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