How to unblock your WhatsApp account

April 4, 2024

If your WhatsApp account is blocked, you will be unable to use the chat functions and will receive the message "This account is blocked from using WhatsApp" every time you open the app.

If you believe this action was in error and you have not violated the WhatsApp Terms of Service, you can attempt to have your account unblocked using the following methods:

1: Re-register Your Phone Number

- Uninstall the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app and download it again.

- During registration, input your previously blocked phone number.

- Enter the 6-digit registration code you receive.

- If your account remains blocked, wait 30 days and try again.

2: Request a Review Through the App

- Reinstall the WhatsApp app.

- Launch the app and select "Next" after entering your blocked phone number.

- Navigate to “Support.”

- Enter the 6-digit code provided by the system.

- Complete and submit the review form along with any supporting documents.

3: Contact WhatsApp via Email

- Visit the WhatsApp contact page.

- Choose the appropriate support option based on whether your account is personal or business.

- For personal support, complete the online contact form.

- Email your request to the address specified for your location and type of account.

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