SMS vs WhatsApp Business Platform: The Verdict

September 19, 2023

The WhatsApp Business Platform and SMS stand as two of the world's predominant messaging channels, a status well-earned given that 92% of the global population owns a mobile phone with 86% of them being smartphones. The extensive reach and remarkable engagement rates of both channels naturally prompt the question: SMS or WhatsApp?

In this blog post we will look into the advantages and disadvantages  aiming to guide you in selecting the optimal communication channel for your needs.

SMS vs WhatsApp Business Platform

SMS vs WhatsApp: Comparison Table

The Verdict

WhatsApp just comes out on top of SMS as the preferred messaging medium for businesses in the new communication landscape where adaptability and security are crucial. This decision is supported by a number of strong arguments which are illustrated in the comparison table above and represent WhatsApp's greater functionality and user engagement options.

Firstly, WhatsApp has a generous character limit of up to 4,096 characters compared to SMS's limited character limit of 160, where you can easily end up sending more than one message to convey your message. The large character limit allows organisations to deliver thorough and compelling communications enhancing communication experiences. The conversational element of WhatsApp makes engaging even easier and is a capability that is conspicuously missing in SMS.

WhatsApp allows the seamless transmission of different media kinds, such as photographs, videos and audio thereby boosting the depth and adaptability of communication. Even though SMS may convey rich material, recipients must click a link to read it, which will reduce engagement.

Organisational communication must prioritise security and secrecy, and WhatsApp excels in this area thanks to its end-to-end encryption, which makes sure that secret information is only available to the persons involved in the discussion. Compared to SMS, which lacks end-to-end encryption and is therefore a less safe alternative for sending sensitive data, this level of protection is glaringly superior.

Additionally, WhatsApp's branding options and authenticity checks bring an extra level of legitimacy and customisation. Verified profiles and the chance to become an Official Business Account are advantageous to businesses since they increase customer trust and brand recognition which SMS does not offer.

While SMS does have the advantage of not requiring smartphones, internet access, or additional apps, WhatsApp's many advantages, including higher open and conversion rates make it a better option for businesses seeking broad reach, increased engagement and secure flexible communication.

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