Stop Wasting Time On Bad Leads – Here’s How

September 17, 2020

For customers, an unanswered call, message or email leads to frustration. They want their enquiry dealt with or their problem solved efficiently and effectively, and if you can’t do it they may move on to your competitor.

Unfortunately, at times when there’s a higher volume of incoming communication or fewer team members, voicemails can go unanswered, emails unread and potentially customers and sales are lost.

Answering every incoming call would result in the sales team being pulled in to generally queries and administration, or dealing with poor quality leads and taking their focus from the quality leads and existing customers already on their desks, again potentially losing customers and sales.

By prioritising one line of incoming communication, others such as social media messages or live chat requests sit unanswered and with every delayed response, you’re potentially losing customers and sales.

Whatever the scenario, you’re losing valuable revenue.

So, what’s the solution?

Stitch delivers a seamless communication strategy which streams all incoming WhatsApp messages from numerous sources into one shared inbox, allowing your sales team full visibility of quality leads.

By utilising WhatsApp for Business, Stitch delivers an integrated system on the channel preferred by 56% of consumers as the main port of call for instant communication around the clock.

The WhatsApp for Business automated system helps you to stay on top of your customer service by responding to queries outside of office hours and research shows 64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots.

With the ability to tailor the engagement questions, you can ensure quality leads are pushed into the inbox for your sales team to action.

For example: a recruitment agency has a set series of questions to respond to a client enquiry about a job post. The first questions will determine the relevance of the potential client by asking questions like: “do you drive?”, “do you own a car?” and “do you have 3 years’ experience in a similar role?” The customer’s answers will then determine their suitability for the post, so only quality leads reach the sales team. Unsuitable clients are filtered out by the system, so you don’t have to waste time doing it.

You can also automate third party leads to contact you on WhatsApp for Business through Rightmove, Zoopla, social media platforms and more. If your leads are being pushed to contact your WhatsApp from these sources, then your sales team is automatically engaging with interested leads who are searching for your product and engaging with your marketing.

Another key feature in optimising the quality of your leads is through the shared inbox. All your team can access one inbox simultaneously and collectively work on one thread per customer. Each thread includes messages, images or sent documents and phone calls – with the added benefit of once a message is opened or received by the customer, team members can see so they don’t waste time duplicating previous conversations.

The shared inbox also removes the need to trawl through email threads, or copying in the entire office.

Stitch allows you to deliver instant contact with your customers around the clock, increasing the sales team’s effectiveness through improved communication.

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