Taking The Customer Journey Into A Mobile Friendly Space

September 11, 2020

In a world where people demand instant gratification, the speed at which your business operates is a key part of any customer communication strategy.

If your team is wasting time chasing endless digital paper trails and telephone tags in a bid to communicate with your customers effectively, then you’re in need of a more streamlined solution.

What if you could track customer enquiries, review previous calls, messages and emails and ensure information sent to them had been received with one easy to use solution?

You can. By utilising WhatsApp for Business, Stitch funnels all incoming customer communication into one shared inbox, enabling existing customers and prospects to engage with any member of your team seamlessly. Stitch delivers a streamlined communication solution for a better customer experience.

With full visibility of incoming and outgoing communication, Stitch helps your team ensure customers don’t receive repeated messages, allowing you to gain credibility and deliver communication which responds to your customers’ needs, when they need it.

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a growing social and communications platform with more and more people turning to it as their preferred method of communication through their smartphone. At times, for a customer’s convenience, sales and customer service agents can be contacted on their personal devices which results in a GDPR breach for your company.

In a recent survey the team at Stitch found that 56% of consumers said they would choose a brand that offers WhatsApp as an official communication channel over a brand that doesn’t. By setting you up with WhatsApp for business, Stitch gives you the facility to communicate with your customers safely, in a way which suits them better.

How does it work?

Stitch specialise in assessing your current communication channels and assessing not only whether or not a WhatsApp business solution can work for your company but if that is the case how that should be integrated into your workflow and/or internal systems.

The results?

A communication strategy which is customer-driven, so your team can focus their time on building customer relationships, instead of wasting it wading through numerous communication touchpoints. Plus, Stitch enables WhatsApp on your existing landline phone number, so the switchover is painless.

Using WhatsApp for Business automated chatbot, Stitch converts around 70% third party lead sources into WhatsApp chats, allowing you to respond to customer queries and sales leads efficiently. No more messages left unanswered on voicemail or unmanned email threads when a colleague is out of the office. If a sales team member returns, they can see what communication has taken place and that the message has been received by the customer thanks to the double tick feature in WhatsApp.

To ensure your business is GDPR compliant, you must use a tool such as Stitch for customer communication through WhatsApp.

Fortunately, GDPR compliance isn’t the only perk of using Stitch. We also offer WhatsApp shared inboxes so your team can manage and organise customer chats – from desktop, to mobile, to web app – all in one space, where you can see with ease if each message is read or unread.

Stitch makes it easy for your sales team to act on leads from customers who are engaged and ready to buy, instead of wasting valuable time warming up customers who aren’t.

Streamlined, easy to use communication for improved customer experience and efficient sales lead management.

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