The Chat Lock feature by WhatsApp Explained

May 16, 2023

Today, WhatsApp revealed that it will roll out a new "Chat Lock" feature that will offer an extra layer of security to customers' most private communications. The function allows you to lock a chat, as its name implies, which removes that thread from your inbox and places it behind a folder that can only be accessed with your device password or a biometric, such a fingerprint or facial recognition.

The software will automatically hide the contents of a chat's notifications once you've locked it. By pressing the name of a group or one-to-one conversation and choosing the lock option, you can lock that chat. You must carefully drag down on your inbox to access these chats, then type your phone password or biometric.

"We think this feature will be great for people who have reason to share their phones from time to time with a family member or those moments where someone else is holding your phone at the exact moment an extra special chat arrives," the Meta said in a blog post.

The Meta owned business claims it hopes to introduce more Chat Lock features, such as locking for companion devices and allowing you to create a special password for your chats that is different from the one you use for your phone.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, this is ineffective if someone has unlocked access to your phone and can view your messages. In these situations, the new functionality adds an additional layer of security.

The new function was introduced a few weeks after WhatsApp made several platform-wide modifications regarding polls and sharing. You may now run a poll where users can only vote once thanks to these improvements, which give you the option to construct single-vote polls. You can now forward media with subtitles when sharing.

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