The Social Messaging Landscape in 2019 and Beyond

July 15, 2019

Customer expectations have transformed dramatically, which in the UK, can be down to the adoption of WhatsApp as a key communication tool in our lives; social customer service is no longer focused solely on swift response times and a friendly tone of voice, neither is it a channel for only large corporates – consumers expect to engage with brands of all shapes in sizes in the way that suits them.

Offering effortless social care is still as relevant today as it was it always has been. But customers’ expectations are evolving more rapidly, brought on by their own demands and the platforms themselves. Today’s consumers, the “always-on” generation, are more mobile and digitally driven than ever before. Social messaging is not only for generation X, but consumers from a wide range of demographics find them themselves heavily embedded in a messaging first approach to communications.

With a more all-encompassing approach to customer care, digital customer service simply means being able to service customers over a plethora of digital channels from WhatsApp, Apple Chat, Twitter to Facebook Messenger. Today’s digital customers want their voices heard and problems resolved, quickly and without having to jump through archaic service hoops. Evolving customer preferences are tightly linked to innovations in digital technology; brands must embrace both in order to keep pace with heightened expectations.

We have gained access to a number of online resources, and have obtained the following data about social media messaging, which I’m sure you’ll find of interest.

Clearly, consumers expectations are fast moving, and they are wanting you to be available on these messaging channels more than a few years ago.

Customer service is soon to be the main differentiator when a consumer chooses a business to deal with over and above other decision criteria – resolving their enquiries via messaging is a key way to ensure brand loyalty.

Consumers speak with their feet, and ensuring repeat business is vital for any B2C brand.

Stitch can not only assist you in providing access to new channels such as WhatsApp, but also the internal tools to manage effective communication at scale within your teams.

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