Transformative Communication: WhatsApp Integration - An Industry First for Estate Agents Using Reapit, Rex and Street

October 24, 2023

Overview: An Important Development in Real Estate CRM Integration

We are about to witness a technological revolution in the real estate industry. The wait is over for real estate agents who have been waiting for a smooth and seamless integration between their CRM systems and communication platforms. We are thrilled to reveal an industry-first feature: our cutting-edge platform can now record WhatsApp conversations and import them straight into CRMs such as Reapit, Rex and Street. This innovative move forward represents a revolution in data management and client engagement, not just an improvement.

The Revolutionary Integration

Imagine having your CRM automatically sync with every conversation you have with your clients on WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app. This is now a reality for Reapit, Rex and Street users. No more lost chat records, no more manual inputs, and no missed opportunities at all. With their CRM, agents can now follow up more efficiently, comprehend client needs more fully, and deliver a flawless customer service experience.

This goes beyond a new feature. For estate agents, a new era has begun. Thanks to this integration, you can trace and track every step of the process from preliminary enquiries to in-depth negotiations, within your current CRM system. This is a brave step towards digitising every facet of consumer interaction and making sure nothing gets lost in the process.

Expanding on the Branch WhatsApp Inbox Solution

The miracle doesn't stop there, though. Our Branch WhatsApp Inbox solution is a feature-rich suite made to handle the complex communication needs of contemporary real estate firms.

1. Centralised Communication through a Shared Team WhatsApp Inbox

All team members can access WhatsApp chats thanks to our shared team inbox. Because every user (staff member) access at the same time, chats from all customers are accessible at all times, from their web, chrome or mobile app. A collaborative work environment is promoted by the instantaneous sharing of insights and information regarding client preferences or specific requests, which is another benefit of this unified approach, as opposed to having WhatsApp chats tied to individual accounts.  

2. Web2WhatsApp – enable customers to WhatsApp their enquiry direct to your branch

Customers can start conversations straight from your website with just one click. This accessibility, which mimics the simplicity of making a phone call but in the digital sphere, greatly improves the customer experience. Chats are intelligently routed to the relevant team or department, guaranteeing that clients are in constant communication with the appropriate individual.

3. Chatbot Capability - Effective Lead Capturing and qualification

Our chatbot function is similar to having a constant helper that strikes up a conversation, asks the appropriate questions, and records important data all day long. In addition to warming up the lead, this gives agents the background knowledge they need to take over and customise the conversation from there.

4. Agent Assist – Automate your portal leads and unanswered/waiting phone calls into WhatsApp chats and dominate the speed to lead in your area and reduce the burden on your team

The capability of our solution to respond to portal leads on WhatsApp instantaneously leverages the app's remarkable open & response rates. Rapid, automated responses can maintain a lead's interest until an agent takes over, greatly increasing the likelihood of conversion and guaranteeing that each lead is used to its maximum potential.

Agent assist can also deliver links to your enquiries, filtering out the tyre-kickers, freeing up your time for the serious applicants. And with Agent Assist connected to your phone system, not only will you reduce your call abandonment rates, you can eliminate the need to pay for a 3rd party call answering company.  

6. Broadcast from your CRM with Click2WhatsApp

In addition to one-on-one conversations, estate agents can send bulk messages straight from the CRM with our Click2WhatsApp application. Whether it's a new listing, a pricing change, or a customised client communication, this feature makes it possible to reach a large audience effectively and personally.

7. Controlling Compliance - Handling SAR Requests and GDPR compliance

Let's not forget about compliance either. Estate agencies can rest easy knowing that everything is centrally managed by the WhatsApp Business Platform. No more disjointed conversations on various devices. All communications are safely recorded in your CRM, simplifying the handling of SAR requests and guaranteeing complete adherence to data security regulations.

In summary, establishing a new benchmark

More than just a technical development, this industry-first integration of WhatsApp with CRMs such as Reapit, Rex and Street is a tactical instrument that puts real estate companies at the forefront of innovation. Real estate agents can now take advantage of WhatsApp's widespread use and ease of use while keeping their CRM systems' reliable data integrity and accessibility.

Adopting our Branch WhatsApp Inbox solution with its ground-breaking CRM integration is not just a wise decision, but a necessity for the estate agency that wants to lead rather than just compete. With our platform, estate agency communication is set to change in the future. Greetings from a connected, efficient, and growing new era.

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