Types of Messages in the WhatsApp API

November 23, 2022

In the WhatsApp API you can send two types of messages to your customers and here is a simple explanation of them. The two types are called:

1. Session Messages

2. Template Messages

Session Messages

Session messages are ones that are written in reaction to an incoming message. These messages can only be sent within the 24 hour conversation window which has been opened by sending a template message to a customer or a customer messaging into your business.

Session messages are exempt from template approvals because they are part of the dialogue between you and your customer. Text only messages, animated gifs, pictures, videos, and even voice communications can all be sent.

The session ends after 24 hours have passed since the first message to open the conversation window. After that point, you must send a template message if you want to start a conversation again.

Template Messages

There are 5 essential parts of a template message:

• Prompt and Reusable - common notifications businesses may want to sent to users regularly as part of their workflows

• Media Rich - you can attach and send pictures, documents, videos and url's

• Pending Approval - before they go live, the templates need to be submitted to and pre-approved by WhatsApp

• Dependent on User Approval - you can only send them to users who previously agreed to be contacted by your business

• Customized Using Variables - template messages allow for a level of personalisation using simple variables

Stitch offers messaging solutions based around the WhatsApp API where sending, creating and approving template messages with WhatsApp is a fully automated process within the platform.

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