What are WhatsApp newsletters and why you should be sending them?

October 12, 2022

What are WhatsApp newsletters and why you should be sending them?

You might be familiar with WhatsApp marketing but here, we start with the fundamentals: what are WhatsApp newsletters, and why should any progressive brand start utilising them?

With 306 billion emails being sent and received each day, it's more difficult than ever for marketers to stand out from the clutter of unread emails and reach consumers.

However, in order to relate to a consumer, you must adopt their perspective. And to do this, you must approach them in ways and on platforms where they are most likely to pay you undivided attention, which is WhatsApp for the majority of users.

With open rates of over 90% it's simple to understand why so many companies are using WhatsApp.

It's the most widely used messenger app on the planet. Today, more and more businesses are utilising WhatsApp marketing to engage with their consumers, provide them with pertinent information more quickly, close more sales and initiate discussions with them thanks to the platform's more than 2 billion active users.

Here, we breakdown the WhatsApp newsletter:

• Its nature

• Why it is superior to email

• How it increases your sales

A WhatsApp newsletter: What is it?

A brand can send a message to a select customer base in the form of a newsletter. A WhatsApp newsletter is actually just another type of personalised digital mailing. A WhatsApp newsletter, like a regular email newsletter, can include anything from:

• New products or services

• A special discount

• Any form of media

However, a WhatsApp newsletter will only contain one message at a time, which is the main distinction here.

The average WhatsApp user opens the app 23 times per day, allowing you to stay in touch with your clients. Additionally, 98% of messages are opened when sent. Furthermore, individuals adore this form of communication. Brands that employ chat applications are more trustworthy among consumers. More than half of users claim they would make purchases from businesses they can message. These are all excellent reasons to start a WhatsApp broadcast right away and have a casual conversation with your clients.

"WhatsApp is like email in 2005"

WhatsApp is the medium that users like and trust in a world where customers are continually exposed to marketing and advertising through multiple channels. Initially, since using it is enjoyable and helpful. Second, the information has been specifically requested by your consumers. A WhatsApp broadcast is a channel that is primarily created to meet friends, in contrast to the majority of email newsletters, which, let's face it, are discarded unopened 90% of the time.

WhatsApp campaigns: succinct, sweet, and effective

The conversion rate for a WhatsApp newsletter is the reverse of email. Nearly all of the receivers actually read the newsletter after opening it. It is the most widely used messaging app in the world, and it is highly likely that your customers have the app downloaded. Since there is no such thing as a spam folder, the newsletter cannot become misplaced. Nevertheless, blocking phone numbers and accounts is a possibility. As a result, you should use WhatsApp broadcasts with some degree of caution and only include those who wish to hear from your business.

The fact that responses can be measured with full certainty is one of the main advantages of using WhatsApp for marketing. You don't have with any other marketing or e-commerce tool, not even on search engines or social media.

The look of the newsletter is a final, crucial component. The templates are exciting and appealing, especially if it includes a reward or an offer. Even for smaller firms, WhatsApp marketing offers strong engagement rates with little effort.

The benefits of WhatsApp newsletters for businesses

As previously outlined, there are a lot of benefits to using WhatsApp to distribute newsletters. The applications for a newsletter can differ depending on the company or service provided. New product launches, sales marketing campaigns, interaction, or research are some of the most popular uses. Here are a few of the most fruitful justifications and applications for a WhatsApp newsletter:

• Inform clients of the progress of their orders.

• Customize special events and deals for occasions like holidays, birthdays, or sales like Black Friday.

• No spam folder, better customer service, and more client retention.

• Real-time messaging and receiving. The majority of users access the app much more frequently than their email.

• 100% delivery rates, 90% or more open rates, and other astounding stats.

Newsletters are a great way to make your customers feel unique. You can establish and maintain trust with your customers by keeping them informed. This can boost both your client retention rates and your sales. In comparison to your ordinary eCommerce business, other metrics like your conversion rate and marketing expenses would also significantly increase.

Explaining WhatsApp newsletters

The most used messaging app in the world is WhatsApp. The number of its active monthly users has surpassed 2 billion. A chat programme to meet with your pals is no longer used. Like social media, which these days is a fantastic tool for marketing and image development and is primarily intended to connect people. Additionally, WhatsApp has the potential to emerge as the next major platform for end-to-end communication.

Newsletters on WhatsApp should not be more than 150 characters in order to increase interaction. Additionally, they can be customised to show rapid "respond" buttons for the recipient or CTA buttons that are designed to encourage people to visit your website again.

The WhatsApp newsletter can help you contact more customers and engage them more quickly, but it shouldn't be used as a direct substitute for your email marketing campaigns. In fact, as long as you use them in the manner for which they were meant, the two can coexist in perfect harmony (i.e. email newsletters for high-frequency communication, WhatsApp newsletters for lower frequency, highly relevant communication).

WhatsApp & GDPR

Any brand will instantly ask themselves one more crucial question because we live in the era of customer data privacy...

Are WhatsApp newsletters in accordance with GDPR? Yes, especially with opt-in, is the quick response.

When clients converse with you on WhatsApp they are opting in to receive messages from your business. Of course, customers have the option to reply STOP which will automatically unsubscribe them from being sent WhatsApp messages from your brand.

Within the Stitch platform you can create newsletters, upload contacts, send media and tag contacts which combined gives you the ability to start WhatsApp marketing to your clients today! Get in touch to find out more!

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